8 Cultural Dysfunctions and Catalytic Movements

Dr Nick Udall
Feb 21, 2021


In my second post I focused on 8 clues that give your culture away. Here’s a slightly different take, where I have put together 8 cultural dysfunctions we often bump into, juxtaposed alongside 8 catalytic movements that unlock all of them. Please find below a link to the full booklet.

The 8 cultural dysfunctions:

1. Time poor cultures

2. Unsafe cultures

3. Broken cultures

4. Power-based cultures

5. Confused cultures

6. Risk averse cultures

7. Agile-obsessed cultures

8. Lost cultures

The unlocking catalytic movements:

1. A vertical movement

2. A collective movement

3. Horizontal leadership

4. Being more human

5. Riding the creative-rollercoaster

6. Thinking is not just thinking

7. Meeting is not just meeting

8. Nothing moves to a new order without core energy

Please find below a link to the full booklet.




Dr Nick Udall

CEO of nowhere. Former Chair of the WEF’s Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership. Author. Keynote speaker. Creative-Catalyst.